Plan the business of your dreams so you can live the life you want!

Would You Build A House Without A Plan?

Obviously not, and it shouldn't be any different for your business!

In this business planning course, you will develop a comprehensive business plan & design a successful business model under the step-by-step guidance of a business planning specialist.

Once you have completed your plan, it will include a 5 year financial plan with strategies for improvement, ready for you to take to the bank or investors, or be actioned by your team.

Watch the video below to find out how you can create a clear roadmap for your organisation to succeed - by working smarter, not harder!

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Welcome to your Business Plan Builder

- Suzzanne Laidlaw, Business Planning Specialist

Get everything out of your head and onto paper to fit all the jigsaw pieces of your business together.

  • Write your business plan online from scratch

  • Walk away with a detailed business plan & comprehensive model for success

  • Clearly define your business vision and mission

  • Analyse and project your financials over the next five years

  • Create benchmarks to track your performance

  • Develop strategies to take you from where you are now to where you want to be

  • Create a clear roadmap for your organisation to succeed - by working smarter, not harder!

"Failing to plan is planning to fail"

The secret of getting ahead, is getting started!
- Mark Twain

Under the guidance of a nationally accredited business coach and global leader in business planning, you will build your own detailed business plan from the ground up, including strategies for improvement, financial projections and all the key areas expected in a professional business plan.

View the Course Curriculum for the full course outline, and read below for FAQ and Testimonials.

Whilst our team is based in Western Australia (GMT+8), we are equipped to support our clients globally. Our goal is to make this process as simple as possible for you.

If you have any queries about this course, you can book a complimentary 15 minute call with me below. We want you to feel confident that you'll get an amazing return on your investment by completing this course.

I'm here for you, to help answer any questions you have and guide you to step your business up to the next level. You can also email me any time at [email protected] for any general questions.

Course curriculum

  • 1

    Getting started...

  • 2

    1. Your Business Dreams...

    • Session 1 - Business Statements...

  • 3

    2. Your Business USP

    • Session 2 - USP...

  • 4

    3. Your Business Outcomes...

    • Session 3 - Business Outcomes...

  • 5

    4. Your Business Presence...

    • Session 4 - Your Business Presence...

  • 6

    5. Your Team...

    • Session 5 - Your Team...

  • 7

    6. Your Exit Strategy...

    • Session 6 - Exit Strategy...

  • 8

    7. Your Business Goals...

    • Session 7 - Business Goals...

  • 9

    8. Your Success Criteria

    • Session 8 - Success Criteria...

  • 10

    9. Your SWOT

    • Session 9 - SWOT...

  • 11

    10. Your Competitive Advantage

    • Session 10 - Competitive Analysis...

  • 12

    11. Your Products & Services

    • Session 11 - Products & Services..

  • 13

    12. Your Industry and Market

    • Session 12 - Industry & Market Overview..

  • 14

    13. Your Target Market

    • Session 13 - Target Market..

  • 15

    14. Your Financials

    • Session 14 - Opening Balances...

    • Session 15 - COGS and Expenses...

    • Session 16 - Funds Needed...

    • Session 17 - Financial Review...

  • 16

    15. Your Strategies

    • Session 18 - Leverage...

    • Session 19 - Strategy Builder...

  • 17

    Finishing Your Plan...

    • Finishing Your Plan...

    • Congratulations!


  • Why Suzzanne?

    Suzzanne has been recognised as a global leader in business planning and is one of Australia’s top business coaches.

    Having helped thousands of people worldwide to develop a business plan that works for THEM, she's passionate about guiding people to achieve their dreams through planning.

    So much so, she has been nicknamed “The Business Planning Queen” by her colleagues, and this led her to achieve one of her own lifelong dreams in 2020, publishing her first (‘What’s Your Plan?' - ). Suzzanne's book provides a step-by-step guide to proactively planning a successful business model, implementing practical tools to take your business to the next level, and avoiding pitfalls along the way. You will learn from real clients and receive ‘no-nonsense,’ hands-on advice to help you develop a profitable, successful and resilient business to support your life and your dreams.

    With her expertise in business coaching, Suzzanne mentors and holds others accountable to following through with their goals to reach their potential.

    If you’re looking for business and personal growth, Suzzanne can help you make a dramatic difference to your performance and profitability and transform your business for greater success.

    To live the life of your dreams, Suzzanne believes that “It all starts with a plan.”

  • What is a Business Plan?

    A business plan is a document that describes in detail how a business is going to achieve its goals.

    Covering the marketing, financial, sales and operational viewpoints of the business in line with the companies’ vision.

    Our Business Plans include; Executive Summary, Business Overview, SWOT, Industry Analysis, Client Analysis, Competitive Analysis, Marketing Plan, Sales Plan, Operations Plan, 5 Years Financial Plan, Appendix Information, Historical Financial Reports and Strategies for Improvement.

    See the Course Curriculum for full content.

  • What are the benefits of having a Business Plan?

    The 7 Top Benefits of a Up-to-Date Business Plan are:

    • Having a clear direction for your business (vision and mission)

    • Setting benchmarks to track your performance

    • Conducting a current industry analysis

    • Reviewing your major competitors and developing strategies to come out on top

    • Explore how to capitalise on your company’s strengths and mitigate weaknesses

    • Develop a roadmap and schedule for achieving your goals and core business outcomes

    • Create clear financial projections for the next five years so you can see exactly how you’ll reach success.

  • Do I need a business plan?

    Yes, I would strongly encourage ALL businesses to have a comprehensive business plan. This is crucial to take their business from where it is now to where they want it to be.

    When I am faced with this question from prospects or clients, I commonly ask them if they would build a house without a plan? Obviously not, and it is no different for a business.

  • How long will it take me to write my business plan?

    This depends on what stage you're at in your business (are you a start up or established business?), how much information you have readily available (financials, goals, team details, market research, etc) and how committed you are to completing your plan.

    If you set yourself a goal to complete your business plan by a certain date, and allocate time in your diary to go through my modules - with additional time at the end to review - you'll increase your chances of finishing your business plan.

    My online business plan builder has been broken into 15 modules, which can be completed in approximately 10-15 hours. It's up to you whether you block out 5 x 2-3 hour blocks over a few days or weeks, or if you block out 2 full business days and get it all done at once.

  • How often should I review my Business Plan?

    Learning from what has happened in the past, testing and measuring and looking into the future to identify your gaps and opportunities, I’d recommend spending at least one full day each quarter to reassess your overall business model and make sure you’re clear on your formula for success.

  • Do you have any testimonials?

    We sure do. I've helped hundreds of business owners through the business planning process and I've never had anyone say they weren't blown away with the process.

    In fact, the most common feedback I receive is "I wish I had done this sooner."

    Check out some of our video testimonials here: